Looking for more free resources?  Check out Rachel Keeney’s post on how to use the Sesame Street in Communities website to access some great ideas and FREE resources!

Have you checked out all of the resources on the Sesame Street in Communities website yet? In this post we will explore how to get you set up on the website and highlight a few favorite resources you can use with your family.

How to get signed up:

Step one:

Go to http://www.sesamestreetincommunities.org

Step two:

In the top, right hand corner of the home page, select the Sign In/Up button. You don’t have to create a user name and password to use the site, but we recommend it. By signing up, you will be able to save activities that you used and ones that you would like to explore later. Also, every once in a while they send you an email about new resources and Sesame Street characters. Personally, I don’t love getting a lot of emails so I tend not to sign up for things. But these emails are fairly infrequent and I have always found them interesting. Plus, it reminds me to get on the website and explore new activities to try with my children. When you create an account, you also have an option to not receive these emails if you don’t want them.

Step three:

If you have already signed up in the past, you can enter your login information here. If not, then select the “Don’t have an account yet?” option. Here you will be prompted to answer a few simple questions. Again, you do not have to sign up/in to use this website. Totally up to you!

How to explore:

Okay, whether you signed up or not, you are ready to explore this awesome resource. Let’s start by looking at the information on Family Bonding since that is this month’s toolkit topic!

In the top right-hand corner of the screen (under the Sesame Street in Communities banner) click on the “Topics” drop down menu and select Family Bonding.

On the Family Bonding resource page, you will see an adorable little introductory video. Scroll down to see all of the many resources available to you, free of charge!

How to search using age:

You can select any activity or resource that looks interesting to you, but my first time visiting a new resource page, I find it most helpful to select the age of my child. This narrows down the options to ones that are most relevant to my child so that it doesn’t feel so intimidating. Beneath the introductory video, you will see a blue banner with the words “Find An Activity”, by clicking on the “Age” button you can select the age of your child and then hit the green “Find” button. After exploring these resources, I also recommend searching within the other age groups as well because you will likely find resources that you could use with your child at any age and some that you can adapt or change a bit to make it more engaging for your child.

How to search using “Type” of resource:

This is super handy if you have a general idea on how you would like to spend some time with your child.

For example:

Video: Watching a 1-2 minute video featuring the adorable and engaging Sesame Street characters with your child is a fun way to jump start some quality time together. By sharing in the experience together, you can talk with your child about what he/she saw in the video and then maybe replicate some of things he/she mentioned. Be inspired by a dance party or ideas on how to solve problems together.

Storybooks: These are fun especially if you are out and about and forgot your child’s favorite book at home. Search for one of these storybooks and you can read a book with your child right on your phone! In order to stretch the activity out as long as possible (think waiting in the doctor’s office), I like to find ways to link what is in the book with my child’s environment. For example, when reading a story about Grover, I might show my daughter Grover’s blue fur. Then we will take a few minutes to search for everything we can see that is also blue. When I can tell I am loosing her interest, we turn the page and are right back in the story. At a loss for words or ideas? We’ve all been there! Before launching the storybook, you will find questions you can explore with your child. If your baby isn’t talking yet, no problem – talk to them anyway!

We will continue to explore additional types of resources in future blog posts, so don’t forget to check back every week. Until then – happy exploring!!