Have you picked up your Language Development Toolkit yet? Just wait until you see all the incredible resources to help foster language learning with your youngster.

In this blog post we will highlight some of the resources that can be accessed for FREE from the Sesame Street in Communities website, sesamestreetincommunities.org. If you would like more information on how to register or navigate the site, check out last month’s blog post here.

After signing in with your account information (or just going to the website), click on the topics button in the top right hand corner of the page and select “Language.” On this page you will find resources relevant to this month’s toolkit topic. You can also click here to be directed straight to the Language page.

You can sort through the language resources by searching by type. Under the introductory video, you will see a blue search bar. In last month’s blog, we explored some video and storybook resources. This month, we will highlight articles, printables, and interactives.

Articles: If you are looking for reliable, evidence-based, easy to read information about your child’s development, the Sesame Street in Communities articles are pure gold. Check out this Ages and Stages: Talking article which highlights what your child is able to do and understand at each stage of development. The article also provides some activities to try with your youngster to foster language development at any age. Can you believe that by THREE months babies are already beginning to remember things?! Looking for some quick ideas to keep your little one engaged and occupied on a car drive? Try the article Language on the Go. The message I get from these articles is Talk, Talk, Talk to your little one as much as possible!

Printables: Printables are resources that you can print from the computer and do with your child. I am looking forward to trying the Everyday Conversation Cards with my little ones. This resource provides some conversation starter ideas for activities that you are likely doing with your child/children every day (like getting dressed, having a meal, walking, etc). We know it is important to talk with your child, but if you are anything like me, it can be a struggle to think of things to say (especially when you are sleep deprived and the child is not talking back yet). That is why I love these cards – print them out, cut them out, and store inside a purse or diaper bag to easily have on hand when needed!

Interactives: These are resources that you can do with your child on the computer or phone. The Words are Everywhere game is one that your youngster may be able to do on his/her own, but computer and ipad games are more beneficial when a parent/caregiver is interacting and engaging with the resource and child as well. The Language and the Brain interactive provides some fascinating facts about language development – did you know that 86-90% of a three-year-old’s vocabulary comes from the parents/caregivers? Talk, talk, talk!

Take some time to explore these resources and so many more on the Sesame Street in Communities website. It is so nice to have a trusted, child-friendly online resource with so many options and ideas! See you at Halloweenfest!!